Where to eat in Sagada

Here is a list of the most famous restaurants in Sagada. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of them. You can also check our page on what to buy in Sagada.

Lemon Pie

This food establishment is popular for, you guessed it, lemon pies. The manager is proud of saying that  they use only the lemons they grow themselves in their own backyard. They also serve other desserts like blueberry pies and egg pies. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as well. Free wi-fi with a minimum order of Php200.
where to eat in sagada

Sagada restaurants

Bana's Cafe
Love coffee? Then you should not miss this place. Located across Salt n' Pepper and the SAGGAS office, this tiny space serves excellent arabica coffee at a reasonable price. They roast their beans on demand so you're guaranteed a fresh cup of caffeine every single time. They also sell packs of coffee beans if you want to bring a piece of Sagada home with you.

Gaia Cafe and Crafts
Before it became popular for "That" movie, it was a regular go-to place of vegans, vegetarians and organic-food loving tourists. Situated close to the caves, this cafe offers a panoramic view of the Kapay-aw rice terraces. Everything about the place says green living --- they serve food that uses ingredients that they either grow or make, they use no artificial food enhancers (e.g. MSG), no take-out meals unless you're bringing your own food container. They are a big fan of recycling and re-purposing materials. So if you're looking to satiate your hunger but would like a healthier and environmentally-conscious option, then Gaia is for you.

Log Cabin
Famous for its Saturday dinner buffet (starts at 7pm) which showcases French fusion food. Menu depends on what is seasonally available. Reservations required.
french restaurant in Sagada

log cabin buffet menu

Photos of Eduardo Masferre adorn the walls of this restaurant which serves local and continental food.
food in Sagada

Pinikpikan Haus
If you are looking for a food adventure, head out to Pinikpikan haus where their specialty is the local chicken soup - pinikpikan.
where to eat pinikpikan in sagada

Salt n Pepper
Owned by the charming couple Safe and Andrew Pekas, this restaurant is one of the few establishments that open early to serve food to hungry tourists. Free wifi.

best restaurant in sagada

good restaurant in sagada

Cafe Bodega
This is the in-house restaurant of Rock Inn. As it is located outside of the town, you will have more privacy and less selfie-loving tourists around you. You can eat al fresco by the dap-ay and sip your mountain tea surrounded by greenery and the inn's vast orange orchard.

Yoghurt House
If you are in search for a healthy fix, head out to Yoghurt house where they serve salads, pasta and of course yoghurt with fruits in season.

The Villager Restobar is the restaurant of St Joseph's Inn. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Sagada brew
Established on October 2013, Sagada Brew is one of the newest places to dine in and relax at the Sagada poblacion. Managed by the amiable RJ Claravall, this cozy place boasts of excellent coffee (don't pass on their espresso), to-die-for desserts (check out their choco lava), fresh salads. They serve a wide selection of meals (click the photo) to satisfy the city-slicker's taste. One of our favorite go-to meals is their bistek Tagalog. Portions are generous and can easily be shared with your best bud (or maybe not). Service is fast and efficient. And yes, there is wifi (we know you'd ask).

sagada brew menu
sagada brew restaurant

Centrum food stalls
You're hungry and you want to eat, pronto? Head to Centrum and eat turo-turostyle. They serve piping-hot soups (sinigangpapaitan), sauteed vegetables and good ol' fried chicken/pork. What the food stalls lack for ambiance, they make up for speed of service. Food here is also cheaper than what's served in the restaurants. Good option when all restaurants are full.