Trip Photos

TRIPinas is operating in Sagada for 8 years now and we are proud to have shown this beautiful place to all the clients who trusted us to organize their trip.
You will find below some photos and videos taken during this past few years.
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We believe that posting our photos is a good way for you to have an idea of the tour. It also a way for you to see that we have actual trips. If you plan to book with one of our competitors (nothing wrong with that) do not forget to check their photo albums. It will tell you for how long they operate and if they really exist.

Ok, let's start!

We always have a group photo at the end of the trip. One of our TRIPinas specialty is public or group tours. We accommodate everybody from solo travelers to large groups.

We have a stop-over at the Banaue rice terraces (except during the rainy season when the road going there is not so safe.
photo spot in Banaue

We bring our guest to the caves as this is one of the highlight of any trip to Sagada. Exploring the deepest cave system of the country is one of the best adventure you can do in the Philippines. Do not miss it even if you get scared at first. We guarantee that you will love it!
going to Sumaging cave

Meet the locals! Well, traditions are still followed in Sagada. And you will learn a lot during your visit. One of the best thing with us is we always provide the service of a local guide. You may find some operators slightly cheaper than us but they will send you there with just a driver and believe us visiting Sagada without getting enough explanations can be frustrating.
Igorot and client

The waterfalls are one of the essential things to see in Sagada. And yes, you might be far from the sea but you can still swim in Sagada.
swim at the falls in Sagada

Gorgeous view, right?

Another tradition that you can check during our trip: The weaving. This is actually part of the town tour that we offer. We will also take your to the museum, the hanging coffins and a lot of places where you can actually see how rich and alive is the culture in Sagada.
You can also check this video with more photos