sagada tour package sagada tour package

Sagada evokes a sense of freedom - liberation from things modern, of life that is stressful. No wonder many urbanites head off to this highland, never mind the 10 hour or so travel time because they know they will be rewarded by a sweeping view of the rice terraces, amazed by the hanging coffins, their tummies filled with sumptuous food that can only be found in the north. For the adventurous, a Sagada trip also offers both its caves and falls. Its people, all warm and gentle, welcome all to sample what they have. Come and join TRIPinas as we venture to the north. Sign up to our Sagada tour package and start travelling!

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Sagada tour : packages 2018

A joiner tour is a low cost budget tour where we pool people from different groups to give you the cheapest rate. Joining this type of tour is also a great way to meet new friends. This public tour happens every weekend. Now we also have other options if you want to go on different days of the week.


  • Roundtrip aircon transfer : Manila - Sagada - Manila
  • Hotel accommodation in Sagada - Private room (no sharing)
  • Cultural tour at echo valley, with tour guide and entrance fees
  • Trekking tour to Bomod-ok waterfalls, with tour guide and entrance fees
  • Visit of Kiltepan view point (Sunrise and sea of clouds)
  • Transfer to the jump off point of the cultural tour (echo valley), the caves (Lumiang/Sumaging) and the falls (Bomod-ok)
  • Municipal/Environmental fee
  • Side trip to Baguio and La Trinidad for strawberries picking


    Every weekend


    Manila, Dau, Baguio

    Promo rate: Php2,299person (minimum of 4 pax to get this rate)

    A private tour is a trip organized just for your group. You choose your preferred tour dates and you will have exclusive use of the van and guide services. We offer both the classic 3 days and express 2 days itineraries. Starting point is either Metro Manila, Clark/Angeles or Baguio.


  • Roundtrip aircon van transfer : Manila - Banaue - Sagada - Baguio - Manila
    - gas, toll and parking fees included
    - 12 pax maximum per van (we never overload our vans for your own safety and comfort)
  • 2 night-accommodation in Sagada - private room
  • Sagada cultural tour (St. Mary's church, Echo Valley, Hanging coffins, Ganduyan museum, Sagada weaving) - fees and service of a guide included
  • Transfer to all sites visited like Bomod-ok falls and Sumaging/Lumiang caves
  • Visit of Kiltepan view point (sunrise and sea of clouds)
  • Visit of Sagada weaving
  • Municipal/environmental fee
  • Side trip to Banaue for photo op
  • Side trip to Baguio for photo op and strawberries picking (in season)


    At your convenience

    A minimum of 2 pax is required
    Rate depends on your headcount
    Rate starts at Php2450/person (group of 12 people, 3D/2N)


    DAY 1

    *Departure from Manila is the previous day at 10pm*
    0700 Photo stop at Banaue rice terraces and breakfast
    1030 Arrival in Sagada and free time to rest
    1200 Lunch
    1330 Cultural walking tour part 1 (Ganduyan museum, St. Mary's church, Echo Valley and Hanging Coffin)
    1830 dinner

    DAY 2

    0800 Breakfast
    0700 Start of Bomod-ok Falls and rice terraces trek (fee at client's account)
    1120 Visit of Sagada weaving
    1200 Lunch
    1330 Start of the cave adventure (fee at client's account)
    1800 Dinner

    DAY 3

    0600 Kiltepan peak for Sunrise watching
    0630 Breakfast
    0730 Departure for Baguio
    1330 Photo stop and lunch in Baguio
    *Arrival in Manila late at night*

    A tour without transfer, also called DIY, is a trip where you bring your own car or commute and meet our coordinator directly on site. It can last 3 days and 2 nights or 2 days and 1 night only if you are in a rush.


  • 2 night-accommodation in Sagada - Private room
  • cultural tour (St. Mary's church, Echo Valley, Hanging coffins, Sagada weaving) - fees and service of trail guide included
  • Trek to Bomod-ok waterfalls and Banga-an rice terraces - fees and service of trail guide included
  • Visit of Kiltepan view point (sunrise and sea of clouds)
  • Municipal fee
  • Service of a tour coordinator from team TRIPinas


    At your convenience

    Rate depends on your headcount
    Php1,299/person (group of 5 people, 3 days and 2 nights)

    We have shared several tips that will help you to compare what we sell with our competitors' products. We have also listed all the tricks and hidden charges that you will possibly encounter and which could ruin your vacations


    Step 1 : Send your request
    Click here to inquire or send us an email at with the date of your tour and the number of people in your group.

    Step 2 : Check the details
    You will receive an email with all the details (price, itinerary, inclusions) as well as the request for the down payment. Settle your down payment.

    Step 3 : Your tour is confirmed.
    You will get your travel voucher. Your tour to Sagada is now confirmed! The remaining balance will be paid a few days before the tour date.

    Sagada itinerary Sagada itinerary



    Three hours (round trip) of trekking from Aguid rice terraces to Bomod-ok falls. You can swim at the falls.
    The best way to explore Sagada and its environs is on foot. Make sure you have your trekking footwear with you as you make your way to Bomod-ok waterfalls. The jump-off is at Banga'an where the most beautiful rice terraces of Sagada are located. After registration, our guide will help you navigate the panoramic scenery and explain the rice farming customs in the area.
    You will be covering a distance of 2.5 kilometers, one way. Take note that you are coming from a higher elevation (1280 meters) and are going downhill - feel free to bring a walking stick to help you. Hiking these rice terraces is definitely a must-do. After your walk, you will be rewarded by the cool and refreshing waters of Bomod-ok (aka Big waterfalls). Swimming is allowed so go take advantage and indulge!


    Two hours of underground adventure for normal caving (Sumaging) and for the more adventurous three to four hours of Cave Connection from Lumiang to Sumaging cave. Explore the deepest caves of the Philippines with their underground rivers and natural pools where you can swim.
    There are more than 60 known caves in Sagada. The biggest and arguably the most popular is Sumaging. It takes about 2-3 hours to complete the cave adventure here. Find yourself surrounded by extra-ordinary rock formations and pristine waters.
    For those with will (and leg) power, the cave connection is the way to best experience these underground wonders. How does it work? Well, you enter the Lumiang cave (burial cave) and then exit at the Sumaguing cave. The entire connection takes about three to four hours to finish. Be prepared to crouch, crawl and squeeze yourself in tiny and awkward spaces. There are at least three rope-assisted descents plus one "climb". Don't let these difficulties stop you for you will be rewarded with an awesome experience.
    Over all, you can never say that you have visited Sagada until you have seen if from below.


    The fabled sea of clouds that can be seen from Kiltepan view point is legendary and made more famous by a romantic indie movie entitled That Thing called Tadhana. If you don't mind waking up early and hiking through the dark and bitter cold mornings, you will be rewarded by a thick blanket of graceful clouds dancing upon the rice terraces of Kilong, Tetapan and Antadao --- the three barangays which names are used to make the portmanteau ID of the view point. Want fewer crowds? Head to the area in time for sunset, bring some lemon pie from the town and a thermos filled with hot coffee. Get ready to have your mind blown.


    We all have a culture vulture inside us. That's why TRIPinas incorporated a walking tour to highlight the rich tradition of the place. Witness how rice is cultivated on mountainous areas, learn how and why coffins are "hung" instead of buried, why chickens are beaten to death before cooked or why head-hunting was practiced in the past. It's a must-do activity in Sagada to gain a better appreciation of our brothers and sisters from the north.


    It took 2000 years for the Ifugaos to build the rice terraces. It is said that the total length of their walls is equivalent to half the earth circumference. The rice terraces can only be found in a few places on our planet: Vietnam, Indonesia, southern China and southern Japan. People who have visited all of them often mention the stone-walled rice terraces of Ifugao as the most beautiful on earth as they are the best built. They are also listed as a world heritage by UNESCO. The farming there is fully organic.


    Sagada trip Want to escape the summer heat?
    Why don't you head north and have a gateway in mountain province! There are so many various activities waiting for you from hiking the rice terraces until you reach majestic waterfalls or spelunking the deepest caves of the country and see some amazing formations created by the water flow.
    We offer express 2 days-1 night or the more relaxed 3 days-2nights.


    When to visit Sagada?
    During the dry season, from October to mid-June. Please note during the rainy season which is from Mid-June to early October the risk of cancellation is high and the roads in the mountains might not be so safe when it rains. More information to answer your questions on When to go?

    How long does your trip last?
    Our tour lasts either 2 days and 2 nights or 3 days and 3 nights.

    Do you have a 2 day-tour?
    Yes we do.

    Do you customize your package? We want to visit Baguio, we want to start from another place than Manila?
    We offer a package without transfer (where you bring your own car) for groups who want to customize their tour. For the group tour we follow one itinerary only.

    What type of vehicle do you use for the private tours?
    We use the largest vans on the market but only assign a maximum of 12 participants per van so it's more comfortable. Beware of packages with more than 12 people per van, they overload their vans which is illegal and dangerous!

    What kind of room is included in your package?
    It s a private room with a common/shared bathroom. You can also get a private room with private bathroom by paying an add-on.

    How much is the add-on for the cave?
    It depends on the option you are taking. For normal caving, the add-on is Php150/person (for a group of 4 people or more.) For cave connection, the add-on is Php400/person (for a group of 2 people or more.)

    When should we book?
    A few weeks before the tour date as we have to book your hotel room early. For long weekends and holidays, hotels are already fully booked a few months ahead, so book early!

    What are the requirements if we want a private tour?
    We arrange 3 days/2 nights private tour from Manila for groups of at least 3 people. Rate will depend on your final headcount. Itinerary is the same as the one of the public tour.

    I am a travel agency, how do I book?
    We regret to tell you that we do NOT accept third party booking. We don't feel comfortable with the idea that some of our customers would pay more than others because of a travel agent commission while they get the same service.

    Do you organize tours to other destinations?
    Yes, we do. You may want to try our Mt. Pinatubo tour or check this package. All in all TRIPinas offers ten of the best destinations in the country.

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