What to get from Sagada

Your friends/office-mates/family members are aware that you spent your break in Sagada. You know what that means --- you need to get them pasalubong. Oh, we know. It's heavy, a hassle to transport and, if you told the entire department, can get a little pricey. Unless you want to burn the bridge, you have to share the spoils of your vacation and bring them a few Sagada souvenirs.

Here are some items that you may want to purchase for your waiting buddies:

For the gourmand:

  • Sagada coffee. Bana's Coffee offers coffea arabica and civet coffee (touted as the world's most expensive coffee). Good gift choices for your boss who seems to subsist solely on a diet of caffeinated drinks. In town, Masferre and Banas sell local coffees.
    sagada coffee

  • Sagada fruits. After you've had your experience of personally choosing your fresh fruits (orange picking, anyone?), bring home some for your family. You'll surely be a hit when you hand over eco-bags filled with ponkan, Washington navel oranges, persimmons and wild berries.
    orange picking in Sagada

  • Fresh vegetables. The Cordillera is one of the best places in the country to source your greens and root crops as they come fresh and cheap! The SM (Sagada market) happens every Saturday, 6AM to 12 noon so if you can schedule your trips to coincide with this weekly event, do so. Know your farmers, know your food.
    sagada souvenirs

  • Wild sunflower honey. Nothing goes well with Sagada's mountain tea better than the area's honey. With the abundance of wild sunflowers in the area, the honeybees (and the beekeepers) are satisfactorily happy. You will notice that most of the honey containers are recycled old gin bottles. Here's one tip: Once at home, transfer the honey in a plastic container as the honey tends to crystallize faster when left in its original "gin bottle".
    what to buy in sagada
    souvenirs from Sagada

  • Jam. Sagada produces two varieties of jam that are both delicious. The first one is the blueberry jam made with the blueberries found in the forest area around the town. The second is an orange marmalade made with the oranges found in the town' orchards.  
Sagada blueberry