How to go?

We often get this question and we have decided to give some information on the transportation going to Sagada.

What is the distance from Manila to Sagada?
Around 400 kilometers.

How long is the ride from Manila to Sagada?
Around 11 hour. From Baguio it is a 6 hours ride.

How to go to Sagada with a private car?
There are actually 3 different routes. Bringing you car is a pleasant option only if you have enough time (at least 4 days). Do not think of driving 11 hours then go straight to the caves and then the waterfall trek, and so on. You won't enjoy it and it would not be safe.

The first route passes by Baguio. You will use Nlex, Sctex, Tplex and Kennon road going to Baguio then Halsema highway from Baguio to Bontoc and then the road from Baguio to Sagada. This itinerary allows you to have a stop-over in Baguio city.

The second itinerary starts like the first one but instead of going to Baguio, you will continue the north road until San Fernando, La Union and then use a small mountain road from La union to Cervantes and then Sagada.

The last road is quite different since from Tarlac you will use Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, then head to Banaue then Bontoc and then Sagada. Beware as the road from Banaue to Sagada is not fully paved and during the rainy season, landslides are common. If you have one week you can take a great Manila - Banaue - Batad - Bontoc - Sagada itinerary.

How to go to Sagada with public transportation?
Unfortunately there is no direct public transportation from Manila to Sagada.
Most people use the bus from Manila to Baguio then another bus from Baguio to Sagada.
The issue is these buses are often full, especially on weekends. The maintenance of the bus from Baguio to Sagada could also be better..

Going to Sagada with a tour
Well, this is what we offer. Let us explain why using a package tour  is one of the best option. If you don't have much time, everything will be prepared in advance for you. You won't have to endure the 11X2 hours driving nor the long wait to get a seat in the bus. Another advantage is you will be with a guide who can give you information on what you can see and can take you to the best tourist spots.
Ok, not to be bias, there is a minus: If you are not the sociable type you might not like sharing the trip with other participants. But if you want to meet new friends a group tour is a great opportunity.