Adventure on the rocks

Now that you've been to the famous Sumaging and Lumiang caves or have done hiking to Bomod-ok waterfalls, what else can you do? The answer is SO MUCH MORE! Why not test your rock climbing skills? Yep, you read it right. Due to the karstic topography of the Mountain Province, there are numerous rock faces that are available for scaling. If you have done some wall climbing in the city or have done some outdoor rock climbing in the past, this quaint municipality will not disappoint you.
One of them is this bolted crag at the Echo Valley which can be easily reached from the "poblacion" (go to the mission compound, then to the Calvary Hill where the Cemetery is located then follow the path leading to the Echo Valley)

This portion of a cliff has been opened to the public for scaling on 2014. The fee is Php400/person (unlimited climb for the day), inclusive of harness, rock shoes and a belayer.
You can do either top roping or lead climbing. There are two routes and both are beginner-friendly, thanks to the large hand and footholds. The left route is a bit more challenging than the one on the right. Are you a complete newbie? Fret not as the friendly and professional guides will explain how the gears work. They will also belay you if you went there solo and have no friend to belay you.
If you are not comfortable climbing surrounded by coffins, then you can head to Rock Inn.
There is a crag within their orange orchard that will offer a good challenge. It's not a bolted crag and is a good spot for bouldering. Get in touch with the owner of the inn, bring your own pad/chalk and boulder away.
As always, before you head climbing, it is a good habit to ask the tourism officers which cliffs are open for the public so you don't trespass and offend the locals.