Cancellation policy

Take time to read our cancellation policy.

 1- If you want to cancel your booking or someone in your group wants to cancel his/her slot
Cancellation needs to be made to us over email by the person who made the original booking.

Period cancellation notice was received        Refund or Rescheduling granted to traveler
15 days or more before the tour                        - refund of 80% of  the amount paid or option to reschedule (sujbect to slot availability)
less than 15 days before the tour                     - no refund of the amount paid and no option to reschedule

2- If we cancel the tour for any reason (including bad weather)

If the cancellation happens before the departure
You will get a full refund or, if you prefer, an option to reschedule.

If the cancellation happens after the departure, due to "force majeur" conditions such as, but not limited to, bad weather, earthquake, flood, volcanic eruptions, war, political unrest, recent terrorist attacks, military operations, local restrictions of the area and outbreak of a disease.
No refund and no option to reschedule will be given an all payments will be forfeited