Common rooms for private tours

We have several partner hotels/inns in Sagada. Depending on their availability and your group size, you will stay at any of these accommodations.
All these partner hotels have been selected as they are clean, have hot showers, linens (pillow, bed sheet, blankets), towel and have an efficient staff.
Your hotel assignment will be decided by TRIPinas  and will depend on the hotel availability and the group size.

The room provided with our package is a private room. You will have a private room(s) for your group but you will share the toilets/bathroom with other rooms of the hotel (there is an average of two toilets/bath per floor.)
We have single, double, triple, quad sharing. If you have a preference for the room assignment, let us know when you book (how many room and how many people per room) and we will check if it's available.
If you want your room to have private toilet/bathroom just let us know and we will let you know how much is the add-on on top of the rate.